The brief

Swirl’s opens the ice cream season with a bang. Black ice cream! Our task was to make the most of this exclusive occasion.


At Swirl’s you can create your own ice cream. So many different flavours, so many different toppings. It’s up to you. Swirl’s is a colourful brand, but for once they made an exception: the first all black ice cream in the Netherlands. Let your own identity shine!

The campaign

We presented the black ice cream of Swirl’s as the perfect accessory for your all-black outfit. The main KPI was to show this crazy product and focus on the fear of missing out. So, we asked different models and influencers to show the black ice cream in combination with their fully black outfit. Engaging with the audience was a second KPI and we created an activation. Be the first to selfie yourself with this black ice cream and win great prices.



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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships

swirl’s goes black


Through a variety of media, the story of Swirl’s Black Ice Cream quickly spread. We used social media to introduce this phenomenon and encourage people to follow the trend. We asked influencers to promote the black ice cream and to give away a few exclusive concert tickets. Mix of channels: Facebook, Instagram, Instore, Swirl’s website.

6.1 M
free publicity (25 articles)
CPC (bench 1,-)
2.1 M
sales increase
21 cones
after we had enough