Alexander Kosman started SCS in 2015 and Oskar Bolhuis joined our team in 2018. Together we manage a team of dedicated advertising specialist with only one focus: ‘Creativity that sell’s‘. We will help your company growth through engagement, conversion and brand loyalty.

They both worked for the big creative agencies and had the chance to work with the best and brightest advertising minds in the business. After 12 year of experience and working for many of the best and fastest growing brands in the world, they found out what really works:

Our mission is to enable brands to utilize the full potential of digital advertising. We help them to think from a digital first mindset, transform, become more effective (full funnel marketing) and create a strong connection with their audience.

The digital era is moving very fast and consumers are changing even faster so brands are in need of guidance. Thank god we have the strategy and tools to help brands get ready for tomorrow. Nobody is more dedicated to make it work.

Let’s make it count!