The Brief

Create a shift in brand perception. From old-fashioned to a love brand. Do this by introducing a new brand theme.


Beauty is who we are. Not something women need to aim for. Dutch lingerie brand Livera is going to be that other sound in a world where ‘perfection’ is still the standard.

The campaign

It is time to say goodbye to the classic beauty ideal – ‘#RevealBeauty’. It is time for a more genuine approach. Livera is going to be that other sound. We are going to reveal the true meaning of beauty. We kicked off the new direction of the brand by sharing this powerful message through different videos. The main message is: Beauty is not something to aim for on the outside. But beauty is something we genuinely are. This fresh message had the right impact in a world where thin models and #fitgirls dominate our view on beauty.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships



Through a variety of media, both online and offline, we introduced the new brand theme #RevealBeauty. We kicked off with a strong video explaining our manifest. We also created several short video statements. All media linked to one place: the landing page. Here we set out the full story of #RevealBeauty. Mix of channels: Landing page, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TV.

Two weeks later we target the engaging audience from the brand campaign with a sales message, an incentive to try our unique product: The 2nd Bra for 50% off. Again with a mix of channels: E-commerce site, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TV.

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