Ben & Jerry’s

The brief

Create an inclusive digital campaign based on Ben & Jerrry’s 2017 theme: ‘Love comes in all flavours’.


Ben & Jerrry’s helps to make the world a better place bite by bite. This theme represents a world where everyone is the same, no matter who you love. To showcase this theme, Ben & Jerry’s have created a new pint of ice-cream called ‘Hooked on You’.

The campaign

To celebrate this new pint of ice cream and celebrate love we came up with ‘Hooked on You’. This interactive website is a place where lovers can make a heart with their hands. You can make half a heart with a selfie of your hand. Invite your beloved to do the same and then you are both hooked together in love forever. Share your heart on social media and show that love comes in all flavours. The best couples are in with a chance to win a year’s worth of Benny & Jerry’s ice-cream.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships

hooked on you


Through a different set of social assets we generated traffic to the website. To increase the impact, we launched the new pint a few days before Valentines Day. Mix of channels: Landing page, Facebook and Ben&Jerry’s website.

1.9 M
video views
hearts made