The Brief

There is a permanent shift towards eating less meat and dairy (for reasons of health, environment, animal welfare). And it’s now going beyond niche to the masses.  Businesses know this, and are expanding to serve this growing need, but most ‘substitute’ products are still lacking in various ways, which means the masses won’t change their old habits easily. We as a fats and oil company can help companies with our products and innovative creative studio’s. But how do we  reach the plant-based companies. And what is our story?

The strategy

Innovation. Working together with customers on an ongoing journey to make better plant- based products and reduce the barriers to mass consumer adoption. That’s our main focus, but to convince our prospects we created a new label called ‘Beleaf’. A group of food innovators with the passion for progress. Beleaf in the taste of tomorrow and together we can convince the masses to change their old habits and use plant-based alternatives.

Brand identity

In our communication and design we tell the story of Beleaf. Food innovators working closely with their customers to co-develop their consumer offering, improving taste, texture, look & feel of plant-based foods, using vegetable fats instead of animal fats. Beleaf’s purpose is through innovation. We wanted to show a global category leader in vegetable fats, having a proven track record of innovation and are best-placed to meet the demands that face the industry. We created strategy, brand purpose, brand design, brand assets/ sales assets: Folders, website, sales presentation, email and campaigns.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships


Sales deck