The Brief

Eiffel is a solid party with a track record and an impressive customer portfolio. The company is growing due to its good name and also through acquisitions, but it has bigger ambitions. The brand must gain more awareness and the growth must continue. But how does Eiffel get in touch with the decision-makers in the market?


We started with a B2B scan of the market and the company. For the financial business unit of Eiffel, we came to the conclusion that many companies are looking for knowledge and specialists who can fly in to solve complex collaborations and issues. But where do you find specialists as a company? How do I know consultants understand us? And what references and cases do they have that convince me that we are a good match and quickly solve my challenge. B2B customers consume at least 4-5 pieces of content from a company before making a choice ands showing interest. We started with this information. And we showed our knowledge. Through a full funnel approach.

The campaign

In this campaign, Eiffel will show their knowledge and offer a solution to the biggest challenges of 2021. This showes our knowledge and immediately proves the strength of our specialists in the field. The campaign theme: Zo doe je dat. Gives clients insight into complex recognizable problems that play within the financial world. We have split the target group into Townships, Care and Profit. And we focus on the decision makers. All decision makers were first approached with a recognizable statement, then received the solution and an invitation for a webinar or sparring session in a retargeting ad, and were then asked to contact our specialists via direct mail. With a smart media mix, these decision makers were approached on linkedin, DV360 and Sprout MT.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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