The Brief

Woonnu is the mortgage that rewards more sustainable living. Woonnu’s mission is to make the Dutch housing market more sustainable. But how do we communicate and introduce our mission? And how do we prove that we are not just another party?


76% of the Netherlands will make their homes more sustainable in the next 4 years. But many consumers don’t know where to start and find it a hassle. Woonnu wants to guide their audience. We started with an always on social content strategy, weekly content that helps consumers and advisors in their transition. Followed by a branding campaign in which we introduce our mission/ story to the general public. Objectives: reach our audience and introduce Woonnu and build an interested audience for our always on content strategy. With the aim of trust and credibility for the brand.

The campaign

The houses in the Netherlands must become more sustainable. But the road is long and unclear. Woonnu wants to help our consumers in this journey. We have a role as a brand. And that is why we are introducing Verduur-Samen. Woonnu and their reliable partners help consumers forward towards a more sustainable living. We choose a bird to communicate this message. This bird is always present, has a good view of the situation, helping to connect experts and consumers and making sure we are all moving in the right direction.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships