The Brief

Think of a brand campaign in which we present “the Power of Nature” and give the brand a green, natural character. So that we can give consumers more confidence in our services and products.


VSM gives you “the power of nature”. People have many instinctive reactions. Without thinking about it, we stretch in the morning, shiver when we’re cold, and put a sore finger straight into our mouth. We have no idea that there is a natural force behind every reaction. By making consumers aware of the fact that we all unconsciously trust in the power of nature, it is only a small step for consumers to also trust the natural power of VSM.

The Campaign

We used both offline and online channels to create more brand awareness and sales. In this 360 campaign we used TV for awareness and reach, online for engagement and conversion and a strong re-marketing layer on banners and display level, followed by  in-store displays. Our goal was also to develop a recognizable visual language that distinguishes VSM from the competition. An identity that more personal and reliable. A strong visual language that fits the perception of the target group.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships