The Brief

On behalf of Menzis, Shoq has been asked to develop the new campaign for their new brand VinkVink. The brand is newly launched, has no brand awareness yet and still has to build a legacy online. The main goal is simply to recruit new policyholders.


VinkVink: Vink good, Vink cheap, is the core message. Because the price is low, we consciously link this to ‘good’ = quality. It is an unknown and cheap brand so we have to give people the comfort of quality. There should be no doubt about that. But how do you stand out with the Gen Z generation and how do you claim quality when your price is so low? By linking quality to their life goals. The Gen Z likes to focus on the things that really matter in life. They are young, enterprising, aware and eager to learn. An insurance that gives you good care and is cheap, so that you have money left for the important things in life. That’s Win-Win with VinkVink.

The campaign

During the online campaign, we mainly communicate needs that are relevant to the Gen Z target group. Topics such as financial stability (carefree), entrepreneurial ability (not paying too much), fast and easy (organize everything yourself, be in control). We tried to convince the target group as much as possible through radio, social videos, carousels, link ads and banners and tried to attract attention through a fresh new style.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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