Valdispert Gummies

The Brief

Develop an online campaign + identity for our new products Valdispert Natural Gummies. Disrupt our market and develop a campaign that is different from what consumers are used to. Make our products more contemporary and rejuvenate the brand.


Many consumers search for a quick fix when they have trouble sleeping or experience stress. There are many options in the drugstores, but they all consist of pills and make you feel like you have a medical problem: due to the medical appearance and an old-fashioned advertising approach. Communicate the problem, show the solution. Homeopathic products are part of a zeitgeist in which consumers are looking for an addition to their daily life. No matter how busy or balanced you may be. Homeopathic should be about trust, transparency and positivity and these values are important for our consumers. The last thing you want is that our audience feel guilty about using your product or think they have a problem.

That is why we introduce our campaign theme: Lekker in je vel ( To feel good). It starts with Valdispert Natural Gummies. A tasty gummy that is not only good for you but also tasty. Feeling good is a campaign that only focuses on the end benefit. Namely how you want to feel. I feel energized, I wake up radiant, I feel relaxed, I am focused.

The campaign

Every month we launch a full funnel campaign where we introduce different products from the Valdispert Natural Gummies range to the general public. Lekker in je vel (To feel good). It starts with Healthy Sleep. For a good night’s sleep. A combination of TV, social (youtube, Facebook, instagram), search & influencer marketing will make our new range stand out.


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