The brief

Develop 10 to 15 social video’s where texture, ingredients and the experience of the products are the main focus.


We have created social content videos and a social strategy for the beauty brand Rituals. We want the consumer to become aware of the various ingredients and their use and to be the go to account for lifestyle. For the first campaign we have shown the beauty of texture and ingredient in a classy way through macro zoom videos. We also have add words to show what the products does to you. Is it calming or does it actually give you an energy boost? These videos are meant to stimulate your senses and to make you curious about the products of rituals.

The campaign

Rituals has wonderful beauty products for every situation. We wanted to show this insight trough 12 different videos especially for social media. Each video focuses on a particular product. We show a combination of the ingredient and the use of the product. The aim is to familiarize people with the ingredients and the sensations of the various scents and products of Rituals.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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