The Brief

Come up with a creative concept for a multimedia relaunch campaign by Olvarit. Make sure that parents become engaged with the new vision and positioning, which increases brand preference. Make sure that this relaunch sets the path to load the sustainability purpose within this theme for several years.


If there is one thing we understand and have contributed to, it is growth. We help the physical growth of your child with increasingly better products. But we also grow ourselves. So it’s time for the next step. A new vision of growth. A new kind of growth, a growth that is good for your little one, feels good for yourself and is good for other people, animals and the future of our planet. We contribute to that. This campaign is going to show and celebrate all those small steps.

Many small steps towards Good Growth. Olvarit.

The campaign

During the campaign, Olvarit tells the story of their sustainability mission. A manifesto that does not only look tasty bit also sounds delicious. Our manifesto starts with a simple pea and ends up in a sustainable future. Small steps lead to what we call: Good Growth. Growth that is not at the expense, but rather takes care of other people, animals and the earth. The campaign consist of online video’s , social, pinterest link ads and print advertising.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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