My DHL app

The Brief

Develop a campaign in which we sell app downloads, show our new unique features and clearly position our brand DNA: innovation.


DHL presents the new My DHL app. The features of the My DHL app will make sure you will never miss a package again. The users themselves determine where and when their package is delivered. The app consists of various innovative features that we will be presenting in the coming year. Via an always on social strategy and offline channel marketing, we will convince the Netherlands of the benefits of the My DHL App.

The campaign

Every month we launch a smart feature under the theme: Weer zo’n voordeel van Mijn DHL. Through various videos we show that our user is very clever with the app and therefore gets extra benefits from it. Not only will we make the app important but also show the consumers that they are in control. Making the app even more relevant.

‘Weer zo’n voordeel van Mijn DHL’


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Oskar Bolhuis

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