The Brief

80% of Dutch women wear the wrong bra size. Livera wants to call on these women to be measured. Because every woman deserves the perfect bra.


Research shows that the vast majority of women wear the wrong bra. That is shocking. A good bra with a perfect fit is not only nicer but also looks better and prevents back and shoulder complaints. The female body is always in development. Due to pregnancy, losing weight, exercising, aging etc. Many women are not aware that this also has an effect on their bra. So it’s time to start a conversation. Your body changes, so does your bra

The campaign

We developed “Paskamer Talk”. In our special fitting room we asked women about this theme. The conversations were about: changing the body, why women don’t get measured regularly and the perfect size. Afterwards women were measured by a Livera expert and confronted with their real size. Conclusion: there is a lot of ignorance about the perfect size. The aim of this campaign was to make Dutch women aware that a perfectly fitting bra is important and that they can be measured free of charge at Livera.



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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships


The media approach was layered. We bridged the gap between awareness and sales. We introduced women with triggering teasers. Then, in an “Instant Experience”, more awareness was created around the theme and we encouraged conversion. Get measured in the store and get a 20% discount on a bra.

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