Lipton Cocktails

The Brief

Many new tea players are entering the market and Lipton has to be ahead of the competition. How can we convince our customers (horeca operators) and new prospects to choose Lipton again.

The strategy

Tea is trending. And Lipton wants to take advantage of that as much as possible. By increasing its market share through the bartenders. Shoq was commissioned to surprise bartenders with new, original ways to enjoy tea. Together with Lipton’s tea sommeliers, we developed high-quality Tea Cocktails. Each cocktail was also offered in three variations: a basic cocktail, a decorated cocktail with an extra flavor and a cocktail supplemented with vodka or prosecco. This way, bartenders could offer a huge pallet of cocktails. From cold to hot. From traditional to exotic. From virgin to alcoholic. And from cheap to slightly less cheap.

The Campaign

Besides the cocktails, Shoq also developed all visual means to introduce the cocktails: key visuals, banners, point-of-sale material, advertorials and instruction videos. In which we showed bartenders from all over the world how to prepare teh Lipton cocktails.



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Oskar Bolhuis

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