The Brief

Klaverblad stands for more than just insurance and is therefore launching Plushulp. When you have experienced something unpleasant, you often immediately think of material damage, but you often forget the immaterial damage. Klaverblad asked us to bring this story to life on social media, and to show the impact of a fire from the child’s perspective.


Because this is a delicate subject, Klaverblad created a E-learning book. How to talk with children. This was created together with a child psychologist who was involved in this project. Our job was to convince people to read the E-book and connect with the audience.

Insights: When a family experiences a fire, the impact is enormous. Parents logically often take on the protective role and want to burden children as little as possible. They do this by not talking about it and avoiding the difficult conversations. This while children often understand everything and find it a great relief to talk about it. It turns out when something is done in a relaxing environment the children themselves determine the rules of the game. Drawing is very suitable for this.

The campaign

For this campaign we used the full funnel concept based on the REAN model. In the Reach, Engage, Activate and Nurture layer we used sequential content. Short teasers of the film to attract attention. From the remarketing layer we showed the entire film. So that the interested target group also fully absorbs the communication. Followed by a strong conversion layer consisting of banners, instant experience, displays and link ads on social.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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