The Brief

Develop a campaign in which we communicate our sustainability purpose in A surpricing and effective way.


Shoq and H&M developed a sustainability campaign during Black Friday. So Shoq asked H&M not participating in Black Friday in the Netherlands this year and wants to pay attention to their sustainability mission. Because 65% of all their clothing contains recycled and more sustainable materials and by 2030 that will be 100%. And that’s a big deal for us. So don’t shop till you drop, but choose wisely. A big statement and the first global fashion brand in the world not to participate at Black Friday.

The campaign

During the campaign, H&M presents the target group with a mirror. We are launching a social campaign containing communication: A Big Deal 65%. As a result, people think it is a discount. They will click and then be taken to a landing page where we tell our mission statement and say that 65% of our materials contain recycled and more sustainable materials. We will therefore indirectly encourage people to think about their purchasing behaviour. Because ‘Shop till you drop’ is no longer possible in this time and age. We at H&M know that too. We have to change for the future and we do it together. And our first step is to stop participating in Black Friday.

And that a Big Deal.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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