The Brief

Create a campaign that puts the new DHL service on the map, converts (new) users and contributes to the development of the brand.


The world of online shopping is constantly changing and so is our consumer. For example, we use e-commerce, social shopping, marketplaces and swapping. From Amazon to Catawiki. From region to global consumption. From brand new to second-hand. We people enjoy buying and selling second-hand goods: making easy money, the feeling of relieve after letting go. It’s actually addictive. Better than donating or throwing it away! We Dutch are very hands on when it comes to secondhand stuff. So it’s nice that there is a delivery service that understands you.

The campaign

Why would you let your perfect second-hand Gucci bag or sneaker collection dust up if you can easily earn a little extra and make someone else happy? Exactly, selling second-hand stuff is fun, tidy up nicely and you also earn money with it. But be  sure that you’re sold items arrive in perfect condition. Deliver with DHL.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships



We have built a bridge between awareness and sales through a full funnel approach. A strong campaign in which we inspired, informed and activated our target group to send a package with DHL.

6.8 Mln
2.4 Mln
Brand-up Lift

Inboxing video’s

We used the popularity of Youtube unboxing video’s and we gave it a little tweak by doing it the other way around.

Tips to sell better

To assist consumers in selling their second-hand items. We gave handy tips to become a better online seller.