The Brief

Develop a campaign in which we communicate our new mission and collaboration with the Jeugdfonds.


In each class there are on average 2 to 3 children who cannot exercise due to lack of money for club membership. While according to the Knowledge Bank, sport and exercise are very important for a child’s physical, psychological and social health!

The Netherlands is a country of possibilities. It does not occur to us that there are children in every classroom who do not receive equal opportunities when it comes to sports & culture. We want to draw attention to that. But in order not to immediately come up with a tearjerker, we also try to bring out the power of the child in communication.
 Children are very resourceful. And are full of fantasy. That’s their Powerrrr. We want to use this powerrr to tell our story

The campaign

Playing sports or music helps children in their development. In our campaign we give Danoontje Powerrr a new definition. The Powerrr children have is their imagination. They can think of a solution for every problem. If that problem is not being able to play the sport they love, they will figure out a way to do it anyway. In our campaign we start with this beautiful Powerrr and show their imagination. Because of Danoontje and the Jeugdfonds this imagination will turn into reality.  Children will have to opportunity to fulfill their dream and play sports or music.


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Oskar Bolhuis

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