The brief

Inspire and encourage the audience to cook with the new Bertolli ‘butter and olive oil’ products and communicate our main USP: Bellissimo taste without burning your food.


Cooking is fun, easy and delicious with the new products from Bertolli. The goal of Bertolli is to help people eat more varied and inspire them to try out new things. Let’s show the audience how fun and easy cooking really is.

The campaign

We combined Bertolli’s newest products with delectable recipes. We were inspired by the designs and graphics of the 1950s, which made everything even more scrumptious. We created 5 recipes in which Bertolli products added wonderful flavour; that way we inspire our audience with bellissimo taste and motivate them to cook their own food.


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Oskar Bolhuis

Brand Partnerships

bellissimo taste without burning


This campaign for the British market consisted of a variety of videos on social platforms. This way we made sure people were inspired and could use the video as an easy recipe. Mix of channels: Instagram, Facebook, TV and print.