The Brief

Hema asked us to help them be top of mind on social for a whole year with small product communication.


Hema is one of Hollands biggest lovebrands. There communication, (small) products, look and feel are just on point when it comes to the Dutch market. What ordinary seems, they make it special, it’s Hema (echt Hema). This formule is after 85 years still a succes in there way of selling their products. Because they believe the happiness in small things can change your day. With the social experience of Shoq we can bring that feel of happiness 365 days in a year.


For 365 days Hema promoted their products trough funny and relevant social posts made by us. With typical Hema-humor we created a lot of exposure in the online and offline world. The result was amazing, 365 days top of mind and a large expand in online followers. But most important, we brought a smile on our target group faces everyday they opened there social.

365 Hema


From ‘The Best Social Media’ to national news, some of our creations made it beyond
the expectations.